What are the main benefits from switching from a bottled water cooler to POU / Plumbed in system?

• In 90% of cases we’ve saved our customers over 50% on their current water cooler bills.
• Fixed monthly invoices so no need to spend time checking or raise different PO’s every month.
• No bottles so no bottled deposits or confusing invoices.
• Includes year round servicing and maintenance.
• Free installation.

Health and Safety
• Never run out of water again!
• No more lifting heavy bottles and risking injury.
• No need to store full or empty bottles, which can be a hazard if space is limited, or they block stairways and fire exits
The Environment – Reduce your corporate carbon footprint
• No deliveries of water down motorways and through busy towns
• Local engineers used to further cut down on carbon emissions
• No bottle so there is less plastic used
• Less delivery vehicles needed

Other useful facts
• Bottled water has been reported to be up to 2 years old
• No potential for bacteria transfer when changing bottles
How much does it cost?
A typical water POU / plumbed in water cooler will only cost between £20 and £35 per month. Prices vary according to type of machine required. For example we can provide combination cooler and hot water boiler units which are more expensive than a standard cold and ambient water cooler.

How much does installation cost?
Nothing / Free of Charge – Providing potable / mains water must be within 5 metres and a power point within 1 metre. We are able to install our water coolers across longer distances although an additional charge may need to be applied.

How much do you charge for servicing the coolers that you rent out?
Nothing / Free of Charge – this is included in the per month rental cost.

How often does my machine need to be serviced?
POU / Plumbed in water coolers require servicing every 6 months. If you own a bottled water cooler, then these require servicing every 4 months.

We bought our cooler outright a while ago, do you offer service contracts on machines that aren’t rented from you?
Yes we do – we provide service contracts whereby one of our engineers will attend and service your water cooler for you. A typical service involves the following

• Twice yearly visits / every 6 months
• Internal Sanitising
• External cleaning
• Filter change
• Taps change (if required & chargeable)
• Line change (if required)
• Connection check
• External De-scale (removal of limescale residue)
• Internal de-scale (boilers only)

I don’t like the taste of my mains / tap water so what can be done to improve this?
All Aqualeader watercoolers are fitted with 1 micron filters. Stronger filters can be fitted as needed to remove nearly all unwanted matter or taste and odour issues.

Do you provide hot drinks products as well?
Yes we do. We provide hot water watercoolers, hot water boilers for high volume use and hot drinks machines providing various coffee, hot chocolate and tea – (zero waste ie: no pods or pouches)

Can purchase regular hot drinks ingredients for our staff from you?
Yes. We have an extensive catalogue of over 3000 items ranging from Nescafe original to speciality Herbal Teas. Click here to view our catalogue


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