Useful Information

225px-Circle-information.svgOn this page you will find frequently asked questions and multiple guides on how to maintain and control your water cooler.

We appreciate that you may have a number of questions about our products and services and we are more than happy to discuss these via email, over the phone or face to face.

1. Is Mineral Water safer to drink than mains water?

Mains drinking water is rigorously controlled by government legislation, which is far more stringent than the minimum requirements for bottled water.

2. Will you have to turn off my water supply? I don’t want the installation to be disruptive and take days.

The water supply does not need to be turned off to install our machines and our onsite engineers are experienced go working in all kinds of situations. The installation will take anything from 30 minutes to a few hours and we also leave the in a clean and tidy state.

3. I don’t want copper pipes?

We don’t use any additional copper piping. All our pipe work uses flexible plastic tubing which can be hidden in white trunking where possible.

4. The water supply is located in the other side of the office. I can’t have a plumbed in cooler can I?

We can run our pipe work above suspended ceilings, or in plastic trunking

around skirting boards. In some cases we have installed coolers up to 200 metres from the mains water source.

5. The question I wanted to ask isn’t here, what should I do?

Call our main office on 01273 299685 and we will help you through whatever issue you may have.

It is best that you read these guides first as otherwise we will have to charge you for a call out, which we do not unnecessarily want to do.

Along side water coolers, hot water boilers, coffee machines and catering systems, we also regularly donate to charitable organisations throughout England such as:

Little Princess’s Trust, Circus Star, LifeStraw and many more. 







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