Why ‘plumb in’ an Aqualeader Water Cooler?

Point of Use or ‘Plumbed In’ water coolers are suitable for any business or educational establishment. Most people are familiar with the traditional “bottle fed” water coolers, but at aqualeader we believe that Point of Use is better for your business. Here’s why:

• In 90% of cases we’ve saved our customers over 50% on their current water cooler bills

• Fixed monthly invoices so no need to spend time checking or raise different PO’s every month

• No bottles so no bottled deposits!

• Includes year round servicing and maintenance*

• Free installation*

Health and Safety
• Never run out of water again!

• No more lifting heavy bottles and risking injury.+

• No need to store full or empty bottles, which can be a hazard if space is limited, or they block stairways and fire exits

The Environmentbottle-in-ocean-225x300

• Reduce your corporate carbon footprint

• No deliveries of water down motorways and through busy towns

• Local engineers used to further cut down on carbon emissions

• No bottle so there is less plastic used

•Unlimited supply of water for your staff means no bottled water being bought, thus less waste

• Less delivery vehicles needed

Other useful facts
• Bottled water has been reported to be up to 2 years old

• No potential for bacteria transfer when changing bottles

*Free install, servicing and maintenance are only for rental customers only.
These services are available for purchase customers but there is a charge.

+ Nearly all bottled water comes in bottles of 19 litres which the HSE now recognise is over the recommended limit for one person to lift