Whiston Junior and Infant Case Study

Schools – Whiston Junior & Infant School

Customer since: May 2009
Number of coolers: 7 point of use machines
Type of coolers: Desktop chilled and ambient machines

Whiston Junior and Infant School was set up in Rotherham in 1961, and caters for children aged 4 -11 years old. The school has a good reputation and prides themselves on offering children a warm and friendly environment that allows them to develop and learn to the best of their abilities.

The recent OFSTED inspection in January 2010 stated “Pupils enjoy school and behave well. …. parents remark that the school has a “wonderfully welcoming feeling”. Pupils say that they “feel safe” and the “adults are very kind”, so that they “enjoy learning.”

The below information is based on an interview with Head Teacher Mr R Roberts

“We were approached by aqualeader in November 2008 regarding the provision of plumbed in water coolers at the school. This was something that we had been considering for the pupils and staff, and wanted to explore further as we were keen to develop many areas to achieve National Healthy School Status (NHSS). Currently Rotherham local council provides free fresh fruit and vegetables to the infant children to have during dedicated snack times throughout the day. Part of NHSS criteria is that: “Healthy and nutritious food and drink is available across the school day” We felt aqualeader water coolers would help us to achieve this……

The aqualeader POU system sold itself to us and we were impressed by how easily they could be installed and how cost effective it could be for the school. We decided to go ahead and install 7 coolers in all classrooms around the school.

As well as providing the children with a constant supply of water, which is important for hydration, the coolers also helped to deliver another function. This being greater independence for the youngest children in school. As part of EYFS, it is very important for children, particularly for the younger ones, to develop independent thought. The coolers help them do this as not only are the practising independence by using the coolers themselves, it allows them to think for themselves and practice valuable life skills: “Am I thirsty? Do I need a drink? Is this the right time to go for a drink?”

Installation of the coolers could not have been simpler and caused no disruption to the school as aqualeader arranged it for during the school holidays. Our children and staff started benefiting straight away; we find that the children are more alert in the afternoon thanks to better hydration. We could not be more pleased with aqualeader.

During the warmer weather the school’s ‘Playground Leaders’ have developed a rota system so the coolers are appropriately used by the children during outdoor play, lunchtime or lessons. They also work with school’s lunchtime supervisors to bring to their attention any of the younger children who may need a drink but may have not chosen to have one yet. This creates a continuous caring environment and also added responsibility for the older children.’