Puffin Pre-School Case Study

Nursery / Daycare– Puffin Pre School

Customer since: November 2004
Number of coolers: 1 point of use cooler
Type of coolers: Specialist smaller cooler for children with waste run off.

Puffin Pre-school Nursery is a committee run group offering a sessional and extended day care service for children under five and over two years. It is located in the Sure Start area of Brighton city centre, close to local amenities. During opening hours, the nursery has sole use of the main playroom, a quiet room and an enclosed outdoor play area. The pre-school serves the local community and reflects the racial and cultural diversity of the area.

The below information is based on an interview with the nursery Manager – Julia Stenning

“We started using aqualeader water coolers in November 2004. We wanted to provide our children with a fresh, constant source of water to help encourage hydration. We have always felt that good levels of hydration are important to all of our children as it helps prevent illness’s (such as bladder infections) and is good practice to get children into the habit of drinking water from a young age. We encourage regular drinking so that in later life it becomes as much of a habit as washing your hands after using the toilet.

As well as providing good hydration for the children, the cooler is also key for EYFS development. The cooler encourages children to make healthy choices and to be independent. Ever lunch time staff fill small water bottles up with water and children are given reward stickers when they finish them. Our children are also encouraged to help themselves to the water; encouraging independent thought and actions. It also helps hand – eye coordination as they have to work out how to position the bottle under the tap so that the water fills the bottle.

Our original cooler was recently upgraded by aqualeader to a new model that had a waste run off. Previously there were occasions when the children would play with the water and cause puddles on the floor. Now that we have this new model this isn’t a problem anymore. The installation of the new machine was simple and hassle free for the nursery.

Drinking water is an important part of what we believe in for our children – so much so that we even have our own nursery policy about water for parents to read. Aqualeader helps us to achieve all of this with their machine.”