New School Case Study

The New School at West Heath

Customer since: Autumn 2004
Number of coolers: 20 point of use machines
Type of coolers: Free standing and desktop chilled and ambient machines

The New School at West Heath is a specialist secondary school for children with a wide range of difficulties and is located in Kent. It was previously Princess Diana’s old school, which after it had gone into Receivership was bought by the Al Fayed Charitable Foundation and set up as a new charity known as West Heath 2000. It was set up especially to help children who had fallen out of the state system usually because of some sort of trauma in their lives before it became a registered charity known as West Heath 2000 which is governed by a board of trustees.

The school has an innovative approach to teaching and works towards helping each child to develop his or her full potential. The New School at West Heath had a very successful OFSTED inspection in November 2007, when the curriculum was graded as Outstanding. The below information is a quote from the School’s Estate Manager.

“In 1998 when the school opened there were a handful of students and staff and one bottled water cooler was all that was required. However as the school roll expanded in line with the restoration of the very extensive buildings so did the need for more dispensers & bottles.

The chore of continually changing bottles scattered around our large site was in danger of becoming almost a job in itself – particularly at lunch time on hot summer days! Aqualeader was recommended to us by a telecoms engineer who was working on our system and saw what we were struggling to do. Aqualeader came to see us and its POU system sold itself to us. We investigated other suppliers but even one which said it would better any terms we had been quoted did not match aqualeader’s quiet professionalism & proven experience.

We now have 20 plumbed in water coolers strategically placed around the school from Dining Rooms to Students & Staff Common Rooms and from our Sports Hall’s changing rooms to our Boardroom. We all take for granted the ready availability of cooled water whenever we need it, and now our estates staff no longer have to contend with water deliveries, storage of bottles, heavy lifting etc. More importantly the children and staff benefit from having a continued supply at hand.

We could not be more pleased with what truly is a totally trouble free system Aqualeader’s interest in the school is more than just our contract. It regularly asks how it can help with our fundraising events. Oh that some of our bigger suppliers showed such interest!