As well as providing our schools with a range of coolers and fountains to suit every need we can also supply the following:

Our Disposable Cups


• Plastic Cups (7oz) for all cold drinks in boxes of 2000

• Foam cups (10 oz & 12 oz) for all hot drinks in boxes of 1000

• Paper cups (9oz) for all hot drinks in boxes of 1000



Storage Stations

3 units pt1



For all hot drink ancillary products, great for keeping kitchens, vending areas, and offices tidy.

3 units pt2


3 units pt3







Cup Dispenser:


• Available in black or white

• Fits 7oz plastic cups.

• Cup holder with lid.

• Supplied with fixing bracket and self tapping screws.

• Fit to the cooler or onto the wall.



Water cooler taps:

$(KGrHqZ,!i!F!LJwwIuhBQLPYQSFBg~~60_35• Brand new replacement water cooler taps.

• Available in hot, ambient and cold.

• Hot tap has safety feature to prevent scalding.

• Female taps, will fit most water coolers.





$_57•High quality carbon block filter

•Filters 2000 gallons of water

Can also be used on American Fridges





Non spill sports bottles:

500ml ‘non spill’ sports bottles to ensure that  you have constant access to fresh filtered water without the need for endless return trips to the cooler.

• Silver in colour

• Come with anti slip finger grips

• Anti spill lid

• Our sports bottles are  500ml in capacity