Alternatives to Vending

 Leading the way in hot as well as cold beverages.

Over the last 10 years Aqualeader have saved companies thousands of pounds by switching from bottled water coolers to point of use / plumbed in coolers.   So pleased have our customer been, we have now been asked to set our sights on expensive and difficult to exit ‘vending machine’ contracts.  After researching several in cup vending organisations and their costs, we saw that companies were being charged an average of £10,000 per year for the rental of the machine and the drinks.  Therefore, over a typical vending contract period (60 months) a company can expect to pay in total of £50,000 upwards. With Aqualeader we guarantee you a minimum 75-90% saving per year on rental and with only an 18 month contract – you won’t feel trapped for an eternity. Therefore please have a read of the below and consider switching your machine for one of our vending alternative set-ups.

Boiler-Vend – For ‘In-Cup’ & ‘2-Go’ Pre-filled hot drinks

Need to provide in-cup / 2-Go drinks as well as on tap boiling water without the need for a vending machine ?  Don’t wish to be tied into long and expensive vending contracts?  Excellent  for retail outlets and cost control environments.

boiler-and-incupMagnetised cup holders and condiment caddies easily moved / repositioned according to available space or preference.

Choose your configuration of cup holders to caddies (maximum of 6) (ie: 3 cup holders + 3 caddies)

Small cup dispensers fits 7oz plastic cups, 73mm loose ingredient in cup drinks and 76mm foil sealed cups ONLY. (not suitable for Kenco paper in cup drinks/ foam cups or any cup with a larger diameter than stated above)

Large cup dispensers fits all 12oz Kenco 2Go drinks such as Kenco, PG Tips, Cadburys Hot Chocolate.  Also fits other brands of 12oz In-cup drinks.


Calomax plumbed in counter top boiler –

  • 5L rapid draw off
  • – Energy-saving “eco” button which reduces the volume of boiling water by 50% at “off peak” times of demand
  • – Extended 2-year warranty
  • – Cool-to-touch brushed stainless steel outer casing
  • – Stainless steel mirror finish facia
  • – Complete with matching spill-tray.
  • (W x D x H) = 240 x 355 x 440








The Cooler-Vend option consists of a Premium model water cooler offering both chilled and hot water options.  Again as above, the unit is modified to accommodate 6 dispensers to put your in-cup drinks into.  Accessories pockets hold sugars, stirrers and milk pots. This unit has a 1 litre hot water tank and is therefore limited in its dispensing volumes. Fitted with a lime scale inhibitor filter to ensure best possible quality water.

Suited to waiting room, reception and low / intermittent environments.



These wall mounted panels are ideal where space may be an issue.  The water unit may be situated within a tight corner or worktop.  Simply line up as many as you need. Comes with accessories pocket for stirrers, sugars and milk pots.



These ‘stand alone’ dispensers can be located close to the hot water source. There are six holders available offering both cup dispensers and accessory holders. You can have multiple combinations of caddies and cup dispensers. Our most popular  configuration is 4 cup dispensers for PG Tips Tea White, Gold Blend Coffee White, Gold Blend Coffee Black, and Cadburys Hot Chocolate, plus 2 caddies for milk pots, sugar sticks and stirrers.

Happier Staff

A further benefit of an Aqualeader vending alternative is that staff can use this for other means of food and drink, for example – herbal teas, soups, noodles etc.   Our overall feedback from customers who use us an alternative to vending have reported happier staff as a result of the flexibility our dedicated boilers bring to their workplace.