Service Contracts

We do appreciate that some customers may already have purchased their Point of Use water coolers, or may wish to purchase a cooler direct from us rather than rent.  Whatever you decide, these machines will still need to be cleaned twice a year to ensure that they are hygienic and that they reach their maximum shelf life.

If you rent your cooler from aqualeader then service is included FREE OF CHARGE.
If you own your machine then we are happy to arrange a service contract for your machine from as little as £135 per annum. Discounts are available for multiples coolers on one site. If you rent your coolers from aqualeader then the service below is included free of charge in your rental contract.

Our service contracts include

Twice yearly visits

Changing of filters (we use high quality carbon block filters)

Full internal clean and sanitisation 

 Full external clean and sanitisation

Drip tray cleaning and descaling if needed


Please contact us on for more information