Beauty and water

Beauty water Gluten free princessWe are always told to “drink more water”, “drink 2-3 litres per day” to keep you in good health and to combat the ageing process. But does drinking water actually stop us getting wrinkly? According to SheKnows website , dermatologist Dr Rivkin states:
“We are about 60 percent water,” However, water isn’t fairy dust and it does not magically turn back the clock or make wrinkles disappear on a well-hydrated face.” ……According to Rivkin, people who ingest less than 2-3 litres of water per day may experience chronic dehydration, which causes the body to pull water away from all organs, including the skin. “This causes damage to the cells involved, and damaged skin cells cause wrinkles, as well as thin and saggy skin throughout the body,”

And don’t think that by drinking sweet tea, or soft drinks that this counts towards your 2-3 litres of fluid required to keep cells hydrated. As the Huffington Post report A British Study has found sugar consumption leads to the production of molecules that can age your skin. When sugar enters your bloodstream, it creates advanced glycation end products, or AGEs, which damage proteins in your body. Among those proteins are collagen and elastin, the things that give your skin it’s elasticity and fullness. Once damaged, you’re left with not only wrinkles and sags, but dullness. What’s worse is that the AGEs also attack your bodies antioxidants, making you more susceptible to sun damage.

So to keep youthful, hydrate yourself with good old fashioned water on a regular basis.

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