Drinking water in Winter


It’s common for most people to assume that the summer, warmer months of the year when they need to keep on top of their water consumption, to ensure they stay hydrated.  However we still need to ensure we are well hydrated to combat all of the specific issues being in the cold can bring.  Whilst we aren’t sunbathing outdoors, most homes, work places, shops are well centrally heated.  We are more likely to come into contact with illnesses such as flu and colds, and we still expel water through breathing and all of our digestive processes.

The easiest way to keep hydrated, of course, is to ensure you have a sports bottle or glass on your desk all day and keep sipping.  Your water doesn’t have to be icy cold and can be enjoyed at room temperature.   Or, you can always to enjoy a nice hot cup of tea or similar, to keep hydration levels up.   But if the thought of drinking cold water isn’t for you, then here are a few other winter hydration ideas:

  1. According to the Institute of Medicine, we should be eating about 20% of our water intake. So pile your plates with fruits and veggies.  Watermelon, celery, cucumber and berries are between 92-96% water.   Even veg like Cauliflower, broccoli and spinach are packed full of water and essential vitamins.
  2. Keep hydration levels up with other drinks such as Smoothies, Coconut Water and Milk – it doesn’t have to be water.
  3. Soups are a great way of keeping warm and getting more water into your diet. Homemade or shop bought, the top ingredient in most soups worlds wide is water!
  4. Add some flavour to your water – hot or cold….. Hot water is lovely with a sprig of fresh mint, a squeeze of lemon, a slice of ginger or even an herbal tea bag. Cold water can be given extra appeal with cucumber slices, sprigs of rosemary and slices of orange.
  5. And finally, try to cut back on drinks with added sugar, since sugar may lessen the absorption of water from the intestine.



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