Donating to LifeStraw

lifestraw-water-filter-specsLifeStraw – a simple but brilliant invention that filters out 99.99% of all harmful bacteria, viruses and parasites that cause diarrhoeal illnesses.

There are two models of LifeStraw, the family model and the personal model. The personal model should purify 662 litres of water and the family model should purify 17,029 litres of water.

The personal model is 25cm long and 29mm wide so that it can hang around the persons neck and can be used to suck up contaminated water and be purified into clean and safe drinking water.

The LifeStraws were distributed after the 2010 Haiti Earthquake, the 2010 Pakistan Floods and the 2011 Thailand Floods, potentially saving thousands of lives from killer diseases such as Tuberculosis.

Many charitable organisations such as EarthEasy, UNICEF and Water for LifeStraw all use LifeStraws in developing countries.

We shall be making a donation once we reach 1250 followers to Water for LifeStraw so they can supply more LifeStraws to children and families in developing countries, please help us achieve this goal by sharing this post!

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