Would you splash out £26.00 on a bottle of water?


Picture the scene, you have just finished a lovely meal – the start was delightful, the main even nicer and the dessert, well you will be dreaming about that all the way home.

But as you go to pay the bill, it is a little more expensive than you were expecting and as you check the bill, you see that the bottle of water you ordered without thinking cost you £26.

While this scenario may seem pretty rare, one restaurant in Belfast is charging just that.

£26.45 for bottled water. The Merchant Hotel has launched a dedicated water menu and even employed a water butler to deliver the chosen bottle to the table.

The most expensive bottle comes in for £26.45 which is sourced from a Canadian Arctic ice shelf in Newfoundland.

Coming it at £5.50 and the cheapest on the menu is a bottle from the Fuji rainforest, although tap water is still available should guest wish not to splash out.

What do you think of this? Would you pay that price for a bottle of water?

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