Charging Your Phone With…Water?!

article-2085694-0F6EB8B700000578-431_468x292Low on battery? Give your mobile phone some water!

Swedish researchers have developed the world’s first water-activated charger that can power your mobile phone using just a puddle of ordinary water.

Based on micro fuel cell technology developed at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, the MyFC PowerTrekk uses ordinary water to extend battery life for devices of up to 3 watts.

Anders Lundblad, KTH researcher and founder of MyFC, says that the device can be powered by fresh or seawater. The water need not be completely clean.

“Our invention has great potential to accelerate social development in emerging markets,” Lundblad said.

“There are large areas that lack electricity, while mobile phones fulfil more and more vital functions, such as access to weather information or electronic payment,” he said.

A USB connector attaches the compact PowerTrekk charger to the device. When plain water is poured onto a small recyclable metal disc inside the unit, hydrogen gas is released and combines with oxygen to convert chemical energy into electrical energy.

The resulting charge is enough to power an iPhone to between 25 and 100 per cent of its battery capacity.

The charger is both a fuel cell and a portable battery, providing a direct power source as well as a storage buffer for the fuel.

MyFC plans to open an online shop for its MyFC PowerTrekk product. The company has already sold the technology to users in China, Japan, the US and much of Europe.

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